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How does the LeaderX app work?

Delivery of Daily Leadership Insights

Get daily bite-sized leadership content, curated affirmations, nuggets, reflections, and lessons. daily bite-sized leadership content, curated affirmations, nuggets, reflections, and lessons.

Stimulate Your Leadership Potential

Learn and interact with world-class leaders and access the best book-insights, podcasts and articles.

Elevate Your Mood and Mindfulness

Create your mood, enjoy our mindful sounds and take control of your day.

Stay Accountable and Reach Your Goals

Track and measure your progress with analytics and get on a streak that keeps you accountable.

Here's why you should use LeaderX

Cost Efficient

Considering the cost of traditional leadership development interventions. LeaderX offers a cost-efficient approach to developing lifelong leadership skills.

Time Efficient

LeaderX is designed with the busy leader in mind,boring, long and unpractical leadership interventions do not cut the mix anymore. With LeaderX as little as 10 minutes daily does the trick, on your way to work, while at the family dinner, just before you get out of bed, you can plug in, listen in, and learn on-the-go.

Learn on-the-go

See LeaderX as a 24/7 personal trainer for your mind, helping you get in shape, stay on track, achieve your goals and live a more rewarding life right from your pocket anywhere, anytime.

Word on the street

Nkem Offonabo
Nkem Offonabo
Founder The Worklife Organisation Ltd
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"LeaderX is a very fantastic initiative. What I found most amazing about the app is the infusion of the mind the body and the soul transformation. All the mood sounds and leadership quotes will help build leaders, so for me, there is really no excuse for not being a good leader anymore. So go get yourself LeaderX."
Founder, Young Leaders Council
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"LeaderX is one innovation that is going to change the game for leadership development. With my experience working with young people, working with young professionals, I think there is a lot of work to be done in building soft skills, especially in leadership and young people have not been able to get the tool that makes it natural and easy for them to develop their leadership on a day to day basis, that is the solution that LeaderX brings to the game. it's an app that is your personal leadership coach."
Chinonso Clarke
Chinonso Clarke
Social Entrepreneur
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"I love the LeaderX app, LeaderX has taken something so complex and made it simple, and has put it in the hands of everyone so that they can develop the leader within them. I see that LeaderX has the capacity to touch your body, change your mind, and also change your soul, because of the features you can access on the app, as well as the music. One of the things I love most about the app is that it is easy to navigate. If you can get on Instagram, and get on Facebook then you can access LeaderX. "


How can I download the app?

LeaderX is available for download on both Android and IOS stores.

How do I sign up for LeaderX?

To sign up for LeaderX, simply visit your mobile stores, Google Play Store, or IOS and download LeaderX, click on the signup button, enter your details, go through the walkthrough and you are ready to accelerate.

Can I change my payment plan?

Yes you can change your payment plan at any time. You may start out with our basic plan (free) and upgrade to our plus plan, or in an unlikely event, you can also change from our plus plan to the basic plan.

How can organizations enroll their employees on LeaderX?

We have an enterprise solution for organizations. To enroll your team on LeaderX, visit www.leaderx.app/enterprise to fill out the enterprise enrollment form. On enrolment, licenses will be provided to your team.

How do I reach out to your team?

You can reach our support team via email at connect@leaderx.app

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