#IWD 2023 #EmbraceEquity – The Impact of Technology and Innovation on Gender Equity

Happy International Women’s Day. Women have indeed come a long way, and are worth every celebration and accolade. As we celebrate international women’s day 2023-themed #EmbraceEquity let’s not forget the powerful impact that technology and innovation play in achieving gender equity. In recent years, the impact of technology and innovation on achieving gender equity has […]

Building a Positive Company Culture

Building a Positive Company Culture for Increased Employee Satisfaction and Performance A company’s culture is the foundation upon which everything else is built. It shapes the values, beliefs, and behaviors of everyone within the organization. It also has a significant impact on employee satisfaction and performance. In this post, we’ll explore why a positive company […]

Creativity and Innovation in Leadership

Creativity and Innovation in Leadership Creative leadership is the capacity to develop and implement novel solutions, particularly in the face of structurally complicated or shifting circumstances. It refers to people who can still lead their teams with clarity even when everything is changing and there are no clear new strategies yet. These leaders make an […]