LeaderX Product Update: May, 2023

What’s New   App Update There is a new version update on the LeaderX App. We have upgraded some items from App development to give users a better experience on the App. Some technical fixes have been done too. To get started, kindly visit your App Store to get Onboard the new phase of your […]

LeaderX Product Update: April, 2023

What’s New   Daily Notifications  Get more personal with your LeaderX app. A wise man said, “Sow a habit, and you reap a character, with the daily push-notification, you can easily build a habit to Be more and Do more daily.    We have included a more personalized daily push notification, acting as a subtle […]

LeaderX Product Update: January 2023

Officially, welcome to 2023!! We are excited about the new year We have exciting features and changes this year to make your journey to becoming a better version of yourself more fulfilling.  What’s New  Enterprise Users For organizations signed up on the Leaderx app, we have included the logo of your organization. To view this, […]

LeaderX Product Update: December 2022

What’s New  Product version update We have a New update!!! This month, we focused on the aesthetic feel of your app, we also made some updates to features of the app to give a seamless flow Profile Picture  We have worked on it and made it easier to change the picture on your profile. You […]

LeaderX Product Update: October 2022

What’s New Notifications  We see you and are conscious of your growth, get notified on the third day and 7th day of an inconsistent streak, and now you can stay in the loop of your development journey- Do more, Be more. Birthday notification– It’s your Birthday and we love that we are a part of […]

LeaderX Product Update: September 2022

Our product update in September revolved around the explore section narrowing down to the book summaries on your LeaderX app, we included features to make reading more delectable and other unique improved features. What’s new AI Read Now you can listen to the book overview/summary, and listen to chapters while the vice over AI reads […]

LeaderX Product Update: August 2022

Our product update in August includes; An upgrade confirmation email and bug fixes for all devices (IOS/Android). What is new For your in-app visual pleasure, Version 1.0.0 has received several modest code improvements hidden from customers, making your LeaderX app feel more appealing. Background Images We also added more background images while you go through […]