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Increased productivity, better communication, stronger teamwork, better problem solving and more are the benefits of having leadership-oriented team members which creates a positive workplace culture, leading to better business outcomes and success.

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How can I download the app?

LeaderX is available for download on both Android and IOS stores.

How do I sign up for LeaderX?

To sign up for LeaderX, simply visit your mobile stores, Google Play Store, or IOS and download LeaderX, click on the signup button, enter your details, go through the walkthrough and you are ready to accelerate.

Can I change my payment plan?

Yes you can change your payment plan at any time. You may start out with our basic plan (free) and upgrade to our plus plan, or in an unlikely event, you can also change from our plus plan to the basic plan.

How can organizations enroll their employees on LeaderX?

We have an enterprise solution for organizations. To enroll your team on LeaderX, visit to fill out the enterprise enrollment form. On enrolment, licenses will be provided to your team.

How do I reach out to your team?

You can reach our support team via email at

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