LeaderX Product Update: December 2022

What’s New 

Product version update

We have a New update!!!

This month, we focused on the aesthetic feel of your app, we also made some updates to features of the app to give a seamless flow

Profile Picture 

We have worked on it and made it easier to change the picture on your profile. You can do this by clicking on the profile icon and changing the default grey area to a picture of your choice from your device folder. 

The theme of the week design

Every week, there is a central focus which is referred to as the “theme of the week” on your LeaderX app. The Lessons, Nuggets, Affirmations, Reflections, and quote revolves around the theme for the week. To give your better viewing pleasure, we have redesigned the theme section.

Plus version users

Currently a plus user? You can now be in the know when your subscription expires before it does. Three (3) days to the end of your subscription, you get a personalized mail from us at connect@leaderx.app

Pop Notifications 

We are in your face! Just kidding, but we would love to hear more from you. Aside from doping your comments and ratings on Play or IOS stores, you can leave us feedback, review, or rating in-app, We promise that this does not spam the app. 


Joined the CommunityX on your LeaderX app yet? We made it more interactive, aside from being able to comment, you can view all comments under a post at once by clicking the “view all comments” option and more interesting like a comment just before making an additional or new comment. Now you can have that conversation going. 

Upgrade Confirmation email

Remember the last time I was in your face and super excited about the new email notification you get when you upgrade to a plus user right? Well, we have double-upgraded that email notification to a more appealing one. You can check it out by upgrading your subscription. Here is a sneak peek. The mail contains the validity period of your subscription  


The referral process just got more seamless, you now get a notification when have successfully earned a free referral plus package. We did not stop there, on the newly updated version, You can choose when to activate a referral package. To do this, go to the “My profile” page by clicking on your profile picture. And select the “Activate referral bonus” option. It is amazing to note that your next referral after activation does not start from zero but from your last referred number, now you stand more chances of getting up to six (6) months of free plus-subscription on your LeaderX app

What’s Next

There is a new update on your Google and IOS store!!

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