LeaderX Product Update: January 2023

Officially, welcome to 2023!!

We are excited about the new year

We have exciting features and changes this year to make your journey to becoming a better version of yourself more fulfilling. 

What’s New 

Enterprise Users

For organizations signed up on the Leaderx app, we have included the logo of your organization. To view this, click on your profile icon the logo and name of your organization shows up.

Voice Change 

On the new update, we have improved the LeaderX AI voice, She currently reads in standard English (US). Now you can resonate with the voice.

An Explore more section

You now get to have a mini tour of your LeaderX app right from the homepage. Have all features of the app visible to you once you log in. As interesting as this sounds, the navigation section randomly takes a tour of the app features so you don’t miss any.

Books and Mood sound Layout

We added an aesthetic touch to the look of the books and mood sound section. Now you can have a view that gives you an overview of the categories of books and sounds at a glance. We removed the doggedness of scrolling right to get to the categories of books and sounds available. You should check this out on the app.

Also in the Book section, we have included the title of the book on the page you are currently reading or listening to. Now it is easy to keep tabs on the book you are reading. 


  • We have fixed the pop-up for the free seven days trial, now you can access this almost immediately after you sign up or better yet, activate this from your profile page.
  • The issue with the “backspace” echo read from the AI while listening to the lesson for the day has been resolved.

What’s Next

A new version update is coming soon! We have the Leadership assessment coming soon, sign up for the newsletter below to be notified of an update. 

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