LeaderX Product Update: May, 2023

What’s New


App Update

There is a new version update on the LeaderX App. We have upgraded some items from App development to give users a better experience on the App. Some technical fixes have been done too. To get started, kindly visit your App Store to get Onboard the new phase of your LeaderX app.


A Licence Button


Signed in as an employee of an organization, you can easily activate the License given to you.


This Licence gives you access to all the features and offerings of your LeaderX App.


Visit Your Profile page, scroll down, and select the Activate Licence option.

Key Ideas

Reading a book on the LeaderX app, we have updated the books to carry the key ideas of a chapter just as you open the book. Now you don’t miss out on the main ideas shared and move with the flow of the book.  

When reading a book on the LeaderX app, the chapters have been updated to convey the essential concepts of the chapter as soon as you open the book. You no longer lose out on the primary topics discussed and can follow the flow of the text.


  1. The streaks of the day now display immediately after you open your LeaderX app. We have fixed the lag in how the Quote, Nugget, Affirmation, Lesson, and Reflection Load up
  2. The Did You Know items now load faster; we have mixed the lag on that feature. 
  3. We have fixed the clamoring of your saved items and notes on the journal page, now you have all items well categorized 

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