LeaderX Product Update: October 2022

What’s New


We see you and are conscious of your growth, get notified on the third day and 7th day of an inconsistent streak, and now you can stay in the loop of your development journey- Do more, Be more.

Birthday notification– It’s your Birthday and we love that we are a part of your personal development journey. You get a personalized birthday message from LeaderX. 

Daily push notification

We understand that a lot may happen on a busy day, to stay committed to your personal development, we have added a 9 am notification push from LeaderX customized with the quote of the day. 

A tour Guide 

It gets easy to navigate your way around the app, we included a tour guide to help new users navigate the features LeaderX offers.

Comment Push Notification

You can now be informed when someone engages with your comment in “communityX”. Get set to interact with other community members.

Upgrade Confirmation email

When you upgrade to the premium version, you get a personalized confirmation message from us. 


You can view the approximate minutes required to complete an article. This is shown in italicized text on the far right of an article topic. Now you can make informed decisions on which article to start with. 

7 Days free premium trial

You can have access to all premium content on your first sign-up. A notification pops up to allow you to enjoy this benefit or stay on basic. Within the 7-day trial, you have access to the AI voice-over on the daily quote, nugget, lesson, affirmations, and reflections. You also gain access to the daily lesson and reflections, books, and mood sounds in the premium category. 

iOS build on MacBook

We are on MacBook!!. The iOS build of the leaderX app now runs on MacBook. Visit the app store and download the LeaderX app. 

Tags on Books, Articles, and Sounds

All newly uploaded books, articles, and mood sound now come with the tag “New” and a golden star. Now you are in the know of new updates.

Paste the verification code option.

We have included the copy code option on the verification email you receive on sign-up and right with it a paste option on the app. Now the LeaderX app flow just got better. On sign up, open your email for an email verification code to verify your account, select the “copy code” option, go back to the app, and select “paste code” to verify your account. No more hassle to repeatedly go back to your mail to copy and type code singly on the app.

AI voice

The AI voice on your LeaderX app now has a more natural feel. We have upgraded to a feminine natural voice, when you select the listen option on your daily quote, nugget, lesson, affirmation, reflection, articles, and books, a more appealing voice reads to you.


We have included badges to help you track your milestone. We added access to this as a badge icon right beside your profile picture. Once a badge is obtained, you can share it with friends via the share button.

Yellow Badge – 30 days streak 

Orange badge- 60 days streak

Green Badge – 120 days streak

Blue Badge    –  240 days streak

Red Badge     –  360 days streak 

Brown badge  –  420 days streak

Black Badge   –  600 days streak 

Total active days 

We have added an icon that shows you the number of days active in the week and your best streak. To access, navigate to your profile page by clicking on your profile picture. Now you can keep track of your progress better.


Lesson having asterisks and other markdown tags has been fixed

The app now shows an error message “password length error” when resetting a password with less than (8) characters.

Getting the appropriate quote/nugget of the day when using the “tap to continue button” has been fixed.

The bug issues that arise when selecting the Forgot password/reset password have been fixed.

What’s Next

Product version update!!

The new version would be available on the google/apple store for an upgrade with all the latest improvements made this month. You would be notified of this upgrade soon!

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