Personal Development Tools You Need to Try In 2023

Have you tried your hands out a number of strategies in the past and haven’t been able to achieve much?


So, you’ve got plans to develop yourself in a way that makes a long-term impact but aren’t sure how to go about it?

Have you tried your hands out a number of strategies in the past and haven’t been able to achieve much? 

We understand just how important implementing the right strategies is for anyone looking to follow the path of overall improvement. Personal development is a life-long journey, but having the right tools in hand can make it a more personalized and enjoyable tool for you.


Here, we’ve rounded up some of the top personal development tools that can help you stay aligned with your personal goals.


TED talks are world-famous for changing perspectives of listeners on several issues or opening up their minds to something new since 1984. These talks allow you to explore a diverse range of ideas and perspectives presented by experts, thought leaders, and innovators from around the world. The TED app is an amazing platform that makes the vast library of talks available to you at your convenience.

If you need a convenient and user-friendly platform that gives you access to explore and engage with inspiring and thought-provoking content that can foster personal growth, learning, and a broader understanding of the world, then the TED app is your go-to.


The tagline, Powerful Ideas – 15 minutes at a time summarizes what the Blinkist app is all about. The app offers a unique way to consume non-fiction books and acquire knowledge quickly. With bite-sized content, variety, audio versions, and expert curation, you can now get out the most important aspects of your favorite books.


Acquiring knowledge is an important part of personal development. In the current culture of quick content bites, Blinkist makes it much easier to stay on course with knowledgeable content in a concise and accessible manner.


When it comes to mental wellbeing and its impact on personal development, there’s a lot to unpack. Managing your mental health remotely comes with its own difficulties. Fortunately, telehealth services have emerged as a significant breakthrough in addressing this concern. Among these solutions is Intellect, a telehealth application that can improve your mental health and improve ‘you’ simultaneously.


Intellect is comprehensive and includes almost every facet of mental health. Founded in 2019, the app presents a collection of features like a guided-journal, happiness scale, rescue sessions and learning paths, all to encourage performance and behavioral exercises.


It is important to point out though that the free version of the app is in no way a replacement for licensed medical care.


If you’re looking to check improved physical and mental well-being off your all-round development list, perhaps it’s time to download BetterMe.

BetterMe is a mobile application that aims to offer a user-friendly and easily accessible solution for nurturing your holistic well-being. By integrating with a biometric tracker, this app ensures a convenient method of monitoring your physical health. Additionally, BetterMe goes beyond by providing both physical and mental health coaching, demonstrating its dedication to supporting and guiding users throughout their wellness journey.

BetterMe is a great choice for those who can’t afford to hire an in-person coach, attend weekly gym sessions, or have direct access to nutritionists.


We strongly recommend choosing some of these tools according to your most pressing needs and making them a top priority in your life. Then, commit to taking dedicated and focused action. By maintaining consistency and showing up every day, you’ll be amazed by the long-term transformations that begin to manifest for you.


LeaderX, is an innovative 360° leadership, lifestyle, and transformation intervention that helps progressive individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs develop and adopt the lifestyle of effective leadership. 


Leadership and personal development are closely intertwined. Leadership fosters self-awareness, goal-setting, decision-making, communication, emotional intelligence, continuous learning, and the ability to influence others. These leadership qualities contribute significantly to personal growth, enabling you to develop your potential, achieve goals, and make a positive impact in life and in that of others.


These qualities are some of what you can progressively develop with continuous use of the LeaderX app. The app has a wide range of features like daily learning content, summaries of critically acclaimed personal development books, thought-provoking articles, periodic leadership assessment, and an in-app community of learners, all in a bid to put you in a better position than you ever were. 


Download LeaderX today on the Google Play store and IOS to get your personal development journey accelerated.